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The Mothership Radio Show has been on the radio since August 2015. To celebrate, we've created a shirt with our new logo, and we'll be selling them to raise money for the show and some for charity!  

The shirts are top of the line and are super soft and comfy. 

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*1. As a thank you for buying one of our shirts, you'll also receive a sticker and a shout-out on the show to be heard in 3 cities on FM radio as well as on our podcast! What's your message? Use it to give your own shout-out for your own business, band or personal website! Or maybe there's a cool book/movie or event you want people to know about? 

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Shirt and Sticker!

*2. If you just want the shirt then that's cool too!  It will still come with a sticker and a thank you on air! ;)

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The Show


Every week, Kevin Gassman and Heidi Gadd talk about strange and unusual stories and events that may or may not have happened, depending on what you believe in.  They interview rock stars and play cool music associated with the theme.  They also interview authors and other people of interest in the field of the paranormal.  

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We are heard in 

Phoenix, AZ. on KWSS 93.9FM 

San Louis Obispo, CA. on 97.3/107.9FM The Rock

Santa Rosa, CA. on KOWS 92.5FM 

The show is also a podcast heard on soundcloud and other podcast outlets.

Our approach is inquisitive curiosity with a touch of snark. 


Get lost in the unknown, from aliens and ghosts to the paranormal and paranoia.

And journey down the cosmic highway with songs from out of this world.  You might want to grab some headphones ;)





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Guests and Listener Feedback!

Probably one of the most unusual and intriguing combinations of topics I’ve ever been part of.   Music and Aliens: as unique a show one could ever find.  Brilliant!  -Paul Nelson (Grammy-Award winning guitarist)

This is a lot of fun. You’re my kind of guys and I love the conversation. -Greg Kihn

“I love the podcast,
the humor and personality of the podcast is great. It hits the right angle of this subject.” –Steven – Wash D.C.

“I was very impressed with how they described my research and look forward to answering their questions on a later show.
I would suggest listening to the full show which I found very informative and entertaining.” – Bent Light on Facebook

“Bin listening for 3 weeks . I really injoy the podcast. How ya doing from Australia. ??” – Instagram -sappakman

Hey much love from Cali I always hear u guys haha love from Cali I love the show and everything u guys talk about. It’s bad ass. Keep em coming guys – Sal from California

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